Intelligent Business Management Software

Intelligent, Automated & Intuitive

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Made for Fluent Management of Your Business


By constant monitoring of your business performance & behaviour patterns of your team, clients, & services, Gemma’s internal decision-making mechanism reacts to changes & incidents in an intelligent way.


Focused on automation & removal of the need for all unnecessary user intervention, Gemma automatically reacts based on the signals & criteria of your business to take as much load as possible off the shoulders of office members.


Designed with simple to use workflow & interface to minimise initial learning & operation time of your team, Gemma uses common conventions, terminology & business processes to make you feel comfortable from day one.


Your Virtual Intelligence Business Assistant


Tailored and personalised reaction and communication both for office members and business clients.


Offers educated hints and advice based on signals and metrics of a business and in response to particular situations.


Professional re presentation of your business by adhering to fluent and practical communication.


Virtual intelligence behaviour and patterns following the best and proven business administration practices.


Color variations

Professionally designed documents to represent your business 

  • Quotes
  • Approval Contracts
  • Receipts
  • Invoices
  • Reports
Professionally Designed Forms
Professionally designed forms and documents with various colour themes are automatically generated for all necessary business transactions like Quotes, Approvals, Invoices, Receipts, etc. From the first impression, Gemma will make your business stand out of the crowd by professional emails and well-designed documents.
Consistent Documentation with no time and effort
Gemma uses, and re uses, as much information as it has collected in order to eliminate the need for any data entry for all documents created by the software. Documents are created by a single click and capture and collect a vast array of information which would take a substantial amount of time to create manually.