Meet the Devs

Gemma has been developed by our small family business . Our team is currently comprised of Manuel and Bella who are partners in life and business and are completing this ambitious software project using their personal funds. We don’t have any investors which gives us unparalleled flexibility, innovative thinking and design freedom. We live and dream about our software idea and using our complementary and synergetic skillset we’re confident about the quality of our software product. Gemma aims to become a practical and effective software product to help any business owner detach from time consuming business administration necessities and spend more time on the core aspect of their business and more importantly, their family.

Manuel Basiri

I’m the backend, database and infrastructure developer of Gemma. I have experience in various, and rather unrelated fields like civil construction, computer energy modeling, e-commerce, energy efficiency studies and software development (and a few others). I’m passionate about best practices of software architecture and development and delivering the cutting edge technology for AI, performance and security.  My conclusion after 2 decades of running my own businesses is, business administration is a necessary evil which should be minimised and automated as much as possible and this is the over arching policy on top of every design and development decision I make while I develop Gemma.

Bella Gomrokchi

I am an artist in my core. From my high school all the way to my Master’s degree my primary field of practice has been fine arts. I’ve also developed my technological skills related to the areas of art and design and have extensive studies in the field of web UX and UI design. As Gemma’s front end developer, my job is to make it look presentable and easy to use and to hide and smooth down all the inherent complexity and rigidity of a comprehensive business management software that Gemma will be. My passion is to give you a software worthy of your passion, Your Business.

How we Work

Using well defined roles and by relying on the latest methods and best practices of design and collaboration, we’ve created an effective production pipeline. This approach enables us to respond to the latest trends in technology and regulation without the need for unnecessary organisational bureaucracy and administration . We use experienced and reputable technical mentors and advisory consultants to monitor and supervise the trajectory and technical aspects of the software in all critical areas of Gemma. Our small and laser focused team with highly specialised skills has enabled us to develop this software package using our own capital and work force and this is the method we’re hoping to keep as we go forward. 




We’re not looking for investors but we can certainly use volunteer and generous financial and technical assistance to deliver a software built with passion and precision. If you want to help us in development of Gemma, we  sure would love to hear from you. We’re in need of advisors and technology partners in the areas of financial accounting, AI and Fin-Tech integration. Gemma has been developed in a warm and friendly family environment and we will cherish and protect this ambient in all future steps we’d take. An stress free and healthy work space is the most effective bedrock for innovation and we’re looking forward to meet and know like minded and ambitious professionals who share the same principles and willing to provide their support and assistance.