Gemma is a Business Management Software for project-based service providers. It aims to grow into a complete collection of interconnected tools to automate and streamline the administration, financial and regulatory requirements of a business using the latest technological innovations and proven best practices.

Information Centric

The most valuable, intangible asset a business owns is information. As the business operates, information contributes to management and workforce experience and creates the most valuable tangible asset of a business, experienced professionals.  All Gemma modules work around a central pool of data and information. This enables seamless transfer and sharing of intelligence between various modules and different parts of a business and therefore it contributes directly to human operator experience.

The information-focused design also makes the integration and training of new office members much simpler and allows the software to transfer previous experiences as quickly as possible. Gemma can be used as a repository of technical and operational intelligence that matures over time by ongoing usage of the software.

Simplicity and Rationality

Simplicity is one of the core pillars of our vision. Running a business is complicated by nature and a well-designed tool should only reduce this complication. Gemma avoids the use of unnecessary complex or trendy naming and adheres to industry standards and intuitive words and phrases. It unifies the use of colours, icons and common features across all corners of the business to offer a calming and fluent operator experience. Gemma will try to eliminate the decision fatigue and tiresome learning in every component of its logical and visual design.

Data Collection & Artificial Intelligence

With the rise of FinTech both in regulatory and technology frontiers, the provision of financial services must be part of any modern business management software like Gemma. We’re constantly monitoring and researching the possibilities and innovations in this field and looking forward to integrating with the most successful providers in the FinTech industry. As regulations open up and provide more access to financial intelligence and automated transactions, this module of Gemma business management software can be one of the most progressive and promising features of this software.

Automation and Monitoring

Artificial Intelligence is the most powerful tool for any business to wield the power of data it generates and owns. Large technology companies know this fact and use this power for the growth of their business. By using Gemma, you get machine learning capabilities for the most important metrics of your business performance out of the box. Gemma uses the data generated from your day-to-day business operations to create predictive models to monitor the well-being of your business and prepare you for upcoming challenges or opportunities.

Hybrid Work and Communication

Remote and hybrid work arrangements have numerous benefits. To name a few we can think of more flexibility, cost and time saving, improved focus and productivity, access to a wider range of talent and reduced environmental impact.

Despite these benefits, remote work arrangements have their own set of challenges that must be recognised and addressed by intelligently designed tools. A good application must deliver a human-centric (as opposed to technology-focused) communication platform that is natural to use. Collaboration must be inherently secure and yet, not restrictive and complex to prevent fluent business operations similar to in-person interactions.