Project Overview

Gemma is a Business Management Software for project based service providers. It aims to become a complete collection of interconnected tools to automate and streamline the administration, communication and accounting requirements of a business using the latest in Artificial Intelligence, Fin Tech and other emerging technologies.

  • Project Management

  • Client Relation

  • Payment and Accounting

  • Communication

  • Documentation & Filing

  • Business Intelligence

Gemma Project Management Software

Project Management

This module is a major and central component of Gemma. It aims to provide a comprehensive and easy to use project, task and time management system  for technical service providers without any necessary education in the field of project management as a profession. As a results, it does not aim to become a full project management software like Microsoft Project Pro but to offer the most useful and fundamental functionality of such packages.

Client Relations

In Gemma, Client and Contact Persons are not just text fields. They are modelled to represent the actual metrics and characteristics which matter for these entities. Gemma Client Relation Management module designed to recognise signals and patterns in related entities and their interactions and to improve the relation between a business, its Clients and the Contact Persons of a Client.

Gemma Client Management Software

Payment and Accounting

Incorporation of Bank Feeds into Gemma enables the development of an automated accounting, reconciliation, financial health monitoring and budgeting system. Gemma also allows online payment processing of invoices for Clients of a business using various payment methods. This improves customer satisfaction and further contributes to a healthy financial status for the users of Gemma.


You don’t need to leave Gemma and log into another application in order to talk with someone in or outside of your organisation. Gemma’s communication module aims to utilise the latest emerging technologies to enable, on demand and readily available text, voice and video communication which are context aware and compartmentalised for various entities of your business.

Gemma Client Management Software
Gemma Filing System

Documentation & Filing

Gemma creates all the necessary administrative and financial documents of an office for a comprehensive project work flow and uses local and cloud based storage systems for access and redundancy. All the records and documents generated by Gemma adhere to the highest standards of design and narrative while following the corporate colour accent of your business.

BUSINESS intelligence

Gemma delivers out of the box advanced historic and predictive Business Intelligence and Analytics using informed history monitoring and cutting edge machine learning methods. This is a core area of Gemma which offers the business owners the power of BI and AI in a combined package without the need for any background knowledge.

Gemma Business Analytics

Performance Monitoring

Every element of a business has performance metrics associated with it. For an Employee it could be productivity. For a Service it could be profitability. For a Client it could be quality of their projects and so on. Gemma’s automatic data collection creates precious repositories of intelligence and knowledge which can be investigated to provide up to date, reliable and useful performance metrics for every component and entity of a business being internal or external. By using Gemma you will no longer need to hire data scientists and business intelligence service providers to decipher your data and answer your questions. It is an out of the box and ever present feature of all Gemma modules.

Automatic data collection

During its normal operation, every business constantly generates steams of useful data. This data can be turned into information, knowledge and wisdom and give that business a significant competitive advantage. Most businesses however never utilize this precious asset and their day to day operational data is lost. Gemma has been designed from the ground up to recognize the importance of data and capture relevant and important signals of various events and operations. This allows the system to provide unprecedented intelligence, monitoring, optimization and recommendations based on the historic and predictive business analytics and offer educated advice or act on its own to improve the overall health of a business.

Fin Tech Integration

With the rise of Fin Tech both in regulatory and technology frontiers, provision of financial services must be part of any modern business management software like Gemma. We’re constantly monitoring and researching on the possibilities and innovations in this field and looking forward to integrate with the most successful providers in Fin Tech industry. As regulations open up and provide more access to financial intelligence and automated transaction, this module of Gemma business management software can be one of the most progressive and promising features of this software.

Machine Learning

Artificial Intelligence is the most powerful tool for any business to wield the power of data it generates and owns. Large technology companies know this fact and use this power for the growth of their business. By using Gemma, you get machine learning capabilities for the most important metrics of your business performance out of the box. Gemma uses the data generated from your day to day business operations to create predictive models to monitor the well being of your business and prepare you for upcoming challenges or opportunities.


In Gemma, anything that can be automated is, or will be automated. The whole design policy for development of this software is to remove the need for human intervention in necessary business administration activities. With ongoing development in the areas of data science and machine learning, there are increasing opportunities for a business management software like Gemma to automate more of its internal and external processes and move toward an autonomous and intelligent business management software solution. Automation in Gemma has a layered architecture which can be adjusted for the entire application, for a client or for certain projects, invoices etc.

Health & Relations

A good reputation for a business and a happy client base is the strongest insurance any office can have for its longevity and resilience. Gemma has been designed and developed with this paradigm in mind and incorporates various policies and practices to reinforce and improve business / client relations. It is also conscious of internal health and well being of a business and the relations between various office members at managerial and operational roles. More best practices and proven approaches will be incorporated into Gemma both by expert opinion and machine learning methods and it will progressively become better and more effective in improving health and relationships of a business.


purposefully simple

“Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication.” –Leonardo da Vinci. A Gemma user has access to a vast range of information and functionality. It is the job of purposeful and well balanced visual design to break down and serve this information to a user in a digestible and contextually aware fashion. This approach minimises confusion and fatigue while improves productivity. We use educated use of modals to present and capture information in bite size portions so every interaction with Gemma’s interface happens in a simple to understand and confined panel. This also enables the user to stay in it’s original work space where he or she initiated the interaction and eliminates the need for using the browser back button. Consistent use of icons and colours allows the user to become intimate with the intended meaning and use many of the features without the need for initial introduction.


Color variations

Professionally designed documents to represent your business 

  • Quotes
  • Approval Contracts
  • Receipts
  • Invoices
  • Reports
Professionally Designed Forms
Professionally designed forms and documents with various colour themes are automatically generated for all necessary business transactions like Quotes, Approvals, Invoices, Receipts, etc. From the first impression, Gemma will make your business stand out of the crowd by professional emails and well-designed documents.
Consistent Documentation with no time and effort
Gemma uses, and re uses, as much information as it has collected in order to eliminate the need for any data entry for all documents created by the software. Documents are created by a single click and capture and collect a vast array of information which would take a substantial amount of time to create manually.

your business

Coherent and interdependent business management modules manage and monitor ongoing operation of a project based business and capture and store data nodes and signals


Expert system

Expert System decision making engine  matches signals and circumstances against a growing knowledge base of  best business management practices constantly improved by Machine Learning


  • project Management
  • Accounting
  • Contract Administration
  • Time, Task Management
  • Business Intelligence
  • Employee Performance
  • Service Profitability
  • Communication
  • CRM
  • Filing and Archiving
  • Payment and Banking

Virtual Intelligence

Educated and well informed automated response to business circumstances and   various situations